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hello IBC!

Hello, IBC!

We hope you've been enjoying the Story Starters page from Chatter this summer and we'd love to help you make the most of it!

Starters pages are created to jumpstart stories and other imaginative ventures. First, budding artists fill in the page from their imaginations, naturally exploring questions like "what happens next?" and "what else might there be in this world?" 

But that's just the beginning. Does the artist like to write? Choose a character from the page and write a journal entry from their day. Does the artist like to paint? Paint a character's family portrait or the landscape where they were born. Does the artist like to make or build? Use a favorite material to create their home or vehicle. Don't have any additional materials on hand? Explore the world conversationally! It's a great way to connect relationally.

And while Starters were created with imaginations in mind, we know that sometimes artists need to feel equipped before they're really comfortable diving in. So Brady has been creating drawing tutorials to help. They're created with kids in mind, but you'll get a few laughs, too. 

Brady also keeps some community projects rolling on our Instagram Feed including our twice monthly "Draw With Me" where where Brady and the community (that's you and your family!) use three given words to draw pictures incorporating all them in a creative way. (Here's a link to some past offerings.) I (Amber) pick the words, so it's an equal challenge to Brady and fun to see what he comes up with!

And you might know by now that we serve full-time at Home of Hope Lebanon, a residence and school for abused and abandoned children outside of Beirut. Because most of our kids have open court cases, what we can share online is limited, but if you'd like to hear stories and see photos with faces from time to time, we have a newsletter for exactly that purpose. And you can unsubscribe directly from the newsletter at any time. We're good friends like that.

Have something else on your mind? We'd love to hear from you!

Thanks for taking time to stop by! Hope you're staying cool and having a great summer!

All our best,
amber & brady



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